Tube Train Tear Up #005

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Yes people! We’re back on the tube train ripping up some riddims.

For this instalment of iPad mix-magic, I’ve drawn for the Super Ninja Bass Squad!

In a nutshell, I looked back at the countless tunes I’ve accrued over the past 12 months and had a re-listen. There’s so many tracks that I’ve managed to throw by the wayside by not paying proper attention to the actual tunes I own.

What we’ve got is a mash of secret sleeper tunes from the year past that I never got round to playing.

And the best thing is – there’s still plenty more! This episode ran to nearly 100 minutes where I just kept going back for more. And I still have more left. So there may be a follow up with the Super Ninja Support squad after this!

Anyway, have a listen and see what you think. I enjoyed putting it together and I hope you enjoy listening.



Track List

Sorrow – Nostalgia
Submerse – Mecha
Shag Productionz – Marijuana
Presk – Slick Rick
Mosca – Done Me Wrong
Moony – Waiting
Matt IQ – Brick Lane
Migrant – Got Me Hot
Mah – Always
DYP – All You Need
No One Else – Kidnap Kid
Qadafee – Shift
Totte Stankovich – Communication
XXXY – Just For Me
123MRK – Unrest
Clueless – Cancel
CJ Reign – Emo Dubb
Funky F1 D – Jumpin (Majfunk Mix)
Jess Mills – Vultures (MJ Cole Remix)
Bruises – Would You
Eddy Ramich – Yes I Am
Compound One – Tud Naat
HGLDT – These Days
Guido & Baobinga – Bumba
Kuoyah – Convex Gravity (Deston Remix)
Gage – Empty Promises 2
CRST – Big Bwoy Sound (feat MC Chico)
Maribou State – Breathe
Arkist – Fill My Coffee
Synkro – Girl
Smokey Bubblin’ B – Give a little love
Frenzy – I Want
CJ Reign – Work It
Kashii – Takes you away
Detboi – Pick It Up
Fold – Pillow Talk
Blue Effect – Heart (Magic Mash)
Splintz – Dealer
El-B Vs Skoltz – Dirty Flow (feat. Rolla)
Dizz1 – Gone Soon
Submerse – Move On

Original Podcast Title: Super Ninja Bass Squad: Missed Gems – Episode 005 – Tube Train Tear-up

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