Sub.FM Radio Show – 28 Mar 2020

Maaaate. How do you put into the words the state of things right now? Current affairs are touching my personal life in a different way. Just know we’re all safe as we can be right now. You [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 14 Mar 2020

Something something bad Coronavirus joke. Shit’s crazy right now. Stay safe, kids. B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Watch on YouTube Track list Sean Moriguchi – Don’t [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 29 Feb 2020

So this week’s show landed on Leap Day! A day traditionally known for when women are allowed to suggest they bind love in a contract allowing them to take half. There’s always a [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 15 Feb 2020

Taters in the studio, bruv! Nearly as cold as the beats. Big up B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Watch on YouTube Track list Anita Lipnicka – Piosenka Ksiezycova (Gangsteppaz [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 01 Feb 2020

YES FAM! Had so much fun recording this one, and I hope it comes across in the audio. Have some banging tunes for you to devour. Really hope it tickles your pickle. Big it B Listen on Mixcloud [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 18 Jan 2020

Yes gang! Back once again with some hectic new music. This one got a bit dirty half way through. Hope it wiggles your waggle. Safe wans B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Track list K!NGS [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 04 Jan 2020

Happy New Year my lovely lengers! Hope you had good ones. I got roped into beer pong… again. Every bloody year. Anyway, start the decade the right way with some Garage n Bass! Big up B [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 23 Dec 2019

It’s that time of year, kids. And I love it. Nothing too mental for you this time round, just a little show with me vibezin’. Have a good Christmas, and a Happy New Year. 1 love, B [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 07 Dec 2019

The nights are drawing in. The heating’s going on. The idiots are rushing out to the shops early. It must be nearly Christmas. Here’s some beats to keep you warm. Big it up. B Listen [...]