Tube Train Tear Up #013

Holy fuck nuggets! It’s been 4 years! We’re back. This vibe was legit captured 100% on the London Transport System and I was bubblin’ all the way. I spent this weekend in the [...]

Tube Train Tear Up #012

Waddup people! I’m still hanging out with my wang out in the sun. Couldn’t leave you high and dry though with no mix! Especially as you’re going back to work after a peaceful [...]

Tube Train Tear Up #011

Another week, another imaginary session of my own tube rave in my head. This time around, the imaginary ravers are going crazy to all sorts. I thought I’d bring MJ Cole out for a play as [...]

Tube Train Tear Up #010

So die-hard Brainz fans may have already heard this one, but I thought I’d chuck it out there for the Tube Train ravers. Traktor ran a competition to do a mix with their app on an iDevice and I [...]

Tube Train Tear Up #009

So it’s been over 18 months since I smashed it up on the tube train for you. Well, I fancied it this week so we’ve got a fresh Tube Train Tear Up for you. Over the past 4 – 6 [...]

Tube Train Tear Up #008

I have no explanation for the title of this mix. All I know is there’s some smashing tracks on there. Top ched a gwarn. I hope you enjoy! Remember – No Armani, No Punani Safe, B Listen On [...]

Tube Train Tear Up #007

Hi guys, It’s been a while since I last tore it up on the tube train. I fancied throwing down this morning and recorded this in one blast. Oh gosh. I was literally walking through the barriers at [...]

Tube Train Tear Up #006

NERD ALERT! Yes that’s right: I bought an iPad 3. Ooo wow the pixels. So dramatically different. Not a waste of money at all. Honest. So what have I done so far with my iPad 3? Bought a bunch of [...]

Tube Train Tear Up #005

Yes people! We’re back on the tube train ripping up some riddims. For this instalment of iPad mix-magic, I’ve drawn for the Super Ninja Bass Squad! In a nutshell, I looked back at the countless [...]

Tube Train Tear Up #004

SEXY TIME! Smooth UK Garage for you this time round with my journeys on the London Underground. I went through and randomly picked a bunch of gems that I haven’t played in a while and threw them [...]

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