About BrainZ

Garage was my thing from the first moment I heard it

I’ve been DJing for an extremely long time now. It’s my passion. Garage is the music that has moved me from when I was a teenager right up till now. I’ve seen it grow from the underground to the top ten, then shrivel, split, fracture, reform, diversify and grow back to a thriving sound that now exists. The internet changed how we consume and discover music and this has given me a great opportunity to share all the latest and greatest music across the Garage spectrum via my podcast. The feedback I receive for my current radio show on Sub.FM is what keeps me going. I love what I do, and if you even enjoyed 2 minutes of one of my mixes then I achieved my goal.

Past stations:


“I’ve realized that I’ve spent probably spent 100’s of dollars on Juno/Beatport just because of your show. Some tunes I can find online for free, but I prefer supporting the artist.”

Feedback from a survey of my podcast listeners in March 2013

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