Brainz At UKG Spot – Undersolo, London

Got a little live recording for you. This one is from when I spun some riddims for UKG Spot back in February. There was absolute vibes in the place and I had mad fun playing there. Anthems inside [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 18 Feb 2015

OH YEAH! I GOT ANOTHER MIX FOR YOU! I did a cover show last week that I filled with 100% vinyl classics. A proper UKG Feast. In anticipation for this Friday, I thought I’d upload it. 27th [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 13 Dec 2014

So this is my Christmas show. I played some new bits, I played some old bits. All in all, it was about as festive as a real life crucifixion. But, eh, so what? Merry Christmas one and all. Hope [...]

Old Skool UKG Vinyl Rinseout – Mixed Live on Sub.FM – 23 Dec 2013

So I caught a cover show on Sub.FM just before Christmas, and let me tell you: it was a doozy. Full blown vinyl rinse out. No talking, just riddos. Definitely one for the car. Enjoy. B Listen on [...]

Gashtastic Volume 3

So approximately 6 years after the last episode, the Gashtastic series gets an update with an old school rinse out. I had a bag full of music I’d picked out for going to Nottingham with [...]

Tarra’s Mix: The Second Coming

So you may have caught the original mix known as Tarra’s Mix. This is a old school rinse out with all the tracks chosen by someone I’ve known since school, my friend (you’ve [...]

Ludi & Zahnd 10 Year Party – Bern, Switzerland

Little mix for y’all. Last year I was kindly invited to visit the lovely sandstone-laden city of Bern in Switzerland by the good people at Lüdi and Zahnd. They were having a little shindig to [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 17 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas! For my Xmas special this year I went with an Old School garage rinse out. Not much to be said as you should know what to expect. Savage old school across all the eras that get [...]

Club Classics Mix

I promised a flashback episode, so here’s one, and it’s a doozy. Here’s a mix I did about 7 years ago now. It was around the time that garage had gotten shit and was just on the [...]

Pressure Radio Archive Show – June 2009

YES! So DannyB0yUK asked where this week’s show was on Twitter. Recently, I’ve had no time to keep the podcast up to date weekly so I’ve only been posting my fortnightly radio [...]

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