Sub.FM Radio Show – 08 Jul 2017

I’m like totally having a whale of a time and loving life. Not growing up with a dad and that, I’ve just always craved an alpha male. OH MY GOD WHY DOES SHE MAKE ME SUFFER THIS SHIT. [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 24 Jun 2017

WUDDUP BITCHES! Have some music. Back on Sub.FM TV this week too, so come have a watch if you like. Big up B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Watch on YouTube Track list Toronto Is Broken [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 10 Jun 2017

Suns out. Guns Out. Garage guns that is. The new lab is looking noice. Check it for yourself in my first Sub.FM TV stream from there. Hope you enjoy this one. B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 27 May 2017

Oh noes. I missed a week. You’ve had to wait 4 whole weeks for this. 😱😱😱😱😱😱 I’m now moved and broadcasting live from the new Brainz Lab. It’s a car crash ATM. It’ll be all [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 01 May 2017

It is Bank Holiday. I’m off work. I didn’t do a show on Saturday. So have some tuna! B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Track list Vacant & Sorrow – Requiem Detz [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 15 Apr 2017

Apparently it’s Passover. I know that as an office I urgently needed to deal with this week said they couldn’t help me as the whole office buggered off for it. On a related note: [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 01 Apr 2017

GOOD NEWS! I’M GIVING UP GARAGE TO PLAY GABBA! APRIL FOOL! HAHAHAHAAAAA!@£!$£%%!% Kill me. B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Track list Marts – Coming Back Mr. Cardboard [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 18 Mar 2017

Happy St Patricks Day to you on this green episode of the Brainz Podcast. Usual drill of banging beats for your lugholes. Have a Guinness for me. Big up B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 04 Mar 2017

This episode is dedicated to weird microcultures. Guys – some of you are into some strange shit that I’ll never get. Like listening to me. Or watching videos involving asian women and [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 18 Feb 2017

Happy Over-commercialised-show-affection-even-though-you-hate-each-other day! Okay it was a week ago, but whatevs. Just remember, no one loves you all more than me. Just don’t tell the [...]