Sub.FM Radio Show – 01 Aug 2020

Hey gang! This show was a lot of fun. I also turned it into workout, so the video will be a bit of a horror show. Hope you enjoy the music, at least! Nice one B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 18 Jul 2020

Hey gang! Hope you’re all good. Had a fun show this week. Stick it in your ears and get your bum moving. Big up B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Watch On YouTube Track list Double [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 04 Jul 2020

The pubs are open. I’m sure a lot of people are happy. All I imagine is carnage. Think I’m gonna let it calm down a bit till I risk going down the pub. Cheers to you. Enjoy the music! [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 23 May 2020

So for our 300th episode, I bring you something special. Back on 23rd May I recorded a birthday set on Sub.FM. A mix of a bunch of tunes that I love, and me just mixing for fun. I enjoyed myself [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 20 Jun 2020

Wassup peeps! Back again with the freshness. Really enjoyed recording this one. Hope it comes through. Keep an eye on the feed next week. We land episode 300! And it’s a special one. Big up [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 06 Jun 2020

Hey guys. So the weather may have dipped in the UK but the vibe is still alive. Another fresh bag of tunes for your ears this week. Hope it’s your cup o’ tea. Chars, B Listen on [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 25 May 2020

Ey yo! It’s Bank Holiday Monday. So I thought – the sun’s out, I’m happy, why not have a little mix? This one is brand spanking new tunes. Hope you enjoy this one with a [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 09 May 2020

Hey guys! Whodathunkit? Lockdown has got producers going like crazy. There’s so much new music I’d have needed at least a 5 hour show to fit it all in! Boiled it down to 2 hours of [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 11 Apr 2020

So we’re all still stuck indoors. And typically, when no one needs it, Mr Sunshine sticks his head out. Big up the massive who are lucky enough to have a garden to chill in. To the rest of [...]