Mr Brainz Live At For The Love Of Garage Beach Party 29/05/2017

Morning kiddies! This will get lost in a sea of stuff about Ariana Grande doing one of the most amazing things ever and shooting herself into the stratosphere. But anyway, here’s the audio [...]

Mr Brainz On GetDarkerTV 279 [MC Kie Presents – Part 6]

Yeah so I was on GetDarker. Awesome opportunity. You may detect a hint of stress from me if you watch the video. Shit happens though. 30 mins of me going in the best I can. Video’s above. [...]

Brainz At UKG Spot – Undersolo, London

Got a little live recording for you. This one is from when I spun some riddims for UKG Spot back in February. There was absolute vibes in the place and I had mad fun playing there. Anthems inside [...]

Ludi & Zahnd 10 Year Party – Bern, Switzerland

Little mix for y’all. Last year I was kindly invited to visit the lovely sandstone-laden city of Bern in Switzerland by the good people at Lüdi and Zahnd. They were having a little shindig to [...]