Robot Unicorn Attack Facebook hack – this is why I hate you

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Rainbow horse cockHonestly, you do one good deed and all you get is “it’s not what I wanted”. Fuck off then. I don’t care.

I’m actually dramatising quite a bit. One or two people moaned that a hack I did for online gayfest Robot Unicorn Attack didn’t work on the Facebook Version.

I couldn’t get it work on the Facebook version in a straightforward way so I wasn’t planning to do anything. I was sick of getting the comment notification emails with the likes of “Honestly, what the point if it doesn’t work on Facebook?” from mugs who only started playing the game yesterday.

So I bowed to my own induced peer pressure and put out a hack that works if you use Firebug.

Watching it back I sound like Zach Galifianakis. This wasn’t the intention at the start but it’s kind of cool.

UPDATE: This epic bit of trolling got the reaction I was expecting. I’ve been called “sad” repeatedly for taking the time (which wasn’t a lot of time in the first place). YouTube actually thinks I care. 1-0 to me.

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  • Joe

    u was really a bit bored to go through with this video wernt ya lol

  • John

    You act like this doesn’t mean anything to you, and that we’re stupid for thinking otherwise. Why go through the trouble of making videos? Why publicly convince yourself that you’re somehow above all of this? You’re the guy who decided to hack a game about fucking rainbow ponies. Get over it.

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