Sub.FM Radio Show – 03 Aug 2019

Fuck this shit Im off on holibobs. See you in 4 weeks fam! B Listen on Mixcloud Track list Salute – Feel The Same Hypho – Cause of You Badger feat Mollie Smart – The Other Side [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 20 Jul 2019

Guess who’s a Fortnite fanboy? This show was on the day of “The Event” from Season 9. No, I’m not secretly a 9 year old operating an overweight robot body. YEET (?) B [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 06 Jul 2019

Mate. I was cooking like a jacket potato in the studio this week. It’s warm! Happy days. Hope you like this one. B Listen on Mixcloud Watch on YouTube Track list Koder – Win ZeroFG [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 22 Jun 2019

It’s Saturday, my dudes. Let me tell you how you can get free Cub Penguin premium. Please like and subscribe to save my slowly unravelling mind. B Listen on Mixcloud Track list The Manor [...]

Sub.FM Show – 08 Jun 2019

Yes. This arsehole actually named the show that. You’re listening to him, so what does that make you? Amazing. That’s what <3 Big it B Listen on Mixcloud Watch on YouTube Track [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 25 May 2019

When a man’s got money in his pocket he begins to appreciate peace. I have no idea what that has to do with this show. B Listen on Mixcloud Track list SQZ ME – NEON WTS feat Mya K [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 11 May 2019

Aural assault incoming. This show was a proper journey. Strap on your garage n bass waders and get knee deep in some bass sludge. Related – Bass sludge is how I describe the remainder of my [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 27 Apr 2019

Everyone is Avenger crazy right now. It’s warranted. Pretty badboy end to a gigantic collection of movies. Luckily this is a spoiler free zone BLACK WIDOW HAS NIPPLES. Large up your chest [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 13 Apr 2019

Firrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee No, seriously, fire. Someone’s left the chip pan on. WHAT DO I DO? NOOOO! NOT WATER ON A CHIP PAN FIRE! AAHRRRGH AGHHH AGHHHRRRRGGHHHHHH My brain is melting. B [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 30 Mar 2019

Mate! The yellow thing in the sky! It’s coming back slowly. Happy days. You know what that means. BRING ON THE RIDDIMS. Large up B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Watch on YouTube [...]