Sub.FM Radio Show – 15 Jan 2022

Welcome to 2022! Hope we get out more this year. Big up B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Track list Changin Fazes – Can You Feel The Love (UK Garage Mix) Houis x Indigo Eyes x [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 18 Dec 2021

It’s the end of this shitshow of a year! Christmas is upon us. So I thought I’d do you a change from the nom and mix it up a bit. Did some crate digging to give you a nice variety of [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 04 Dec 2021

YES MY FAMILY! I was on it today. Randomness a gwarn. Lots of switch ups. I always enjoy those cross-genre mixes. Stick this in your Sony Walkman, pump up your Reeboks and hit play. Love you long [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 20 Nov 2021

Mid-show there was a power surge. That’s about it. Cool story bro. Enjoy the music. B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Watch on YouTube Track list Changin Fazes – Give It To Me [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 06 Nov 2021

So lots of things are going whizz and bang right about now as it’s the night we call Fireworks Night in jolly ol’ England. The night we creatively named to celebrate the fact that Guy [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 23 Oct 2021

So I’m back from holibobs and decided to do 4 hours of mixing this Saturday. Hours 3 & 4 were my actual Sub FM show. Yeah, that was fun being on my feet for that long. I don’t [...]

Reddit Radio Show – 23 Oct 2021 Part 1

So I went missing last show. I know. I wanted a break. So I buggered off to the Canaries for some sunshine by the pool in October. It was the nuts, if you were wondering. So that meant coming [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 25 Sep 2021

Blaaaady ‘ell Rodney. There’s enough bass on that to kick your back door off its hinges. Pump it up B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Watch on YouTube Track list Preditah [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 11 Sep 2021

Hi peeps, How’s life tickling ya? Summer’s petering out here in the UK and it’s pretty depressing. I’m desperately trying to find a winter sun holiday but do I REALLY want [...]

Sub.FM Radio Show – 28 Aug 2021

Hollllaaaaaa! Ain’t no stopping me. Except all these songs are copywritten, please don’t 3 strike me. On top of my burger, I like cheese. This terrible rhyme is why I’m no MC. [...]