Tube Train Tear Up #002

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BA were down with the UKGSo I’ve already swayed from what is supposed to be the norm. Given that I’m on my first vacation for about 5 years I think you can let me off.

Episode 2 of the Tube Train Tear Up was mixed on a Boeing 747 flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Possibly the highest ever altitude that a UKG set has been recorded. In fact, I think I’m going to start touting that as a claim to fame. Maybe if I add the word “buddeh” to the end of the sentence then Canadian chicks will like me.

I decided to draw for some bumpy 4×4 for this episode. I wanted a chance to play a vibe that I don’t get to do very often nowadays due to me primarily pushing solid new bass vibes on my Sub.FM show.

There was an occasional interruption from an air hostess but hopefully that didn’t affect the mix too much. She was lovely though. And I felt bad for having the phrase “choking that sky cunt” rolling around my head. Cheers Doug.

Hope you enjoy!


Track list

CRST – Soul Glo
Tony H – Calling Me
Statix – Evening Falls
YSE feat. Frank H Carter III – Guessing Games (DIY’s Got Me Guessin Dub)
Illusive – Make It Up To You (GE’s Gee Dub)
Para feat Robbie Craig – Tell Me (Tony H Remx)
The Midnight Circus – Move (Jelly Beats Back To School Mix)
Artful Dodger and Romina Johnson – Movin Too Fast (James Lavons Mix)
Isaac Christopher – Won’t Give Up
Hot City – Itz Time
Duncan Powell – Lonely Heart
Solution – Xcited
8th Note – Together With The Sun
Mosca – Bax
Frenzy – Feelings (Detox Remix)
Lyndsey Moore – Love Bug (Kings Of Swing Remix)
Groove Skool feat Alessandro – Give You My Love
Prescribe da Vibe – Hear Me Out
Mutya Buena – Real Girl (Duncan Powell Remix)
Surkin – Next Of Kin (Todd Edwards Remix)
Solution – How I Feel
Mr Pud feat Fudge – Be Your Man (Pud’s 4×4 Mix)
Static Electric – Make My Heart Beat
GTE feat Kelsey – Something On Your Mind (Isaac’s got the Solution remix)
Ayk – Shine (Brainz Special)
Impact feat Jade Voice – You Lied To Me (8th Note Remix)
Statix – Voices In My Head
CRST – Being With You
Hot City – I Want U 2

Original Podcast Title: 4×4 at 38,000 ft – Episode 002 – Tube Train Tear-up

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