Sub.FM Radio Show – 24 Nov 2018

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Wintage. Top wintage garage, mate.

Trust your Uncle Bwainzy.

UKG – coming in your family’s ears

Track list

Liz – Last Call
Soul2Soul – However Do You Want Me (Zettin Remix)
In4mous Goose – Hypnotized
Digital Pilgrimz – For The Mind
Hardy Caprio – Best Life (Shift K3y Remix) [Explicit] Kazumi Anzai – Be Free VIP
MJ Cole – If Only (MJ Cole Dubb)
Marts – Fluky
Dirk Slazenger – Bhouse Comp
Nekst – Connektions (Ft Orla O’Dwyer) (Tuff Culture Remix)
Flava D – Desperation VIP
Shagos – Lekky
Vital Techniques – Hypnotize
Zemon – Mother
In4mous Goose – Feels
GoSize – Move It (Vip mix)
Conducta – Monopoly (feat. Mind of a Dragon)
Alex Session – Move feat. Graziella
Inspected – Inside
Vibrant – Away From Me
Kazumi Anzai – Hold Me Close (Remix)
Conducta – Sensation
Javy Groove – Nightmare (original mix)
Nekst – Nekst Level (Original Mix)
Tuff Culture – Forte
Rubi Dan X The Colonel – Push Ya Back Out (Blakk Habit Remix)
TQD – Oh
Phonetix feat. MC Cobra – Shock To Ya’ Senses [Get Down Low] Reso – Mantis [Sample Junkie Remix] deadmau5 – Drama Free ft. Lights (Chris Lorenzo Remix)
Jay-Z – Big Pimpin’ (Ryuken Bootleg)
Tuff Culture – Carbon
Barbudo – Feelers
Nosk – Black Bass (original mix)
Fork And Knife – Robotto
Oxide & Neutrino – Dilemma 2.0 (instrumental)
Just10 – Destination
Demon Tweaks – Hold On Feat. Coolman
Archa – Shatter
Tony Wonka – Punch
Tigs – Average
Lmye – Steel City Blues
Marts – A-Rhode
Detz – Gone

Original Podcast Title: Alright, Sugar Tits? Here’s Some Garage n Bass – Episode 259 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

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