London Underground 89.4fm Archive – 2002

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You may or may not know I’ve actually been doing “dis ting” for many years now.

Back in the day, when I was (much) younger and more stupid, I managed to get myself on the legendary 89.4FM – London Underground. LUG kicked off many a UKG legend’s careers, such as MJ Cole, Greg Stainer and Mr Buzzhard to name the 3 that come to mind immediately.

At the time, I was going by DJ G-Man, which the station didn’t want as there were BARE G-Men all over the shop.

My brother and I were taking a Friday night slot and we wanted a gimmick. After much argument, we settled on cartoon mice as the personification, and thus DJ Pinky and Mr Brainz were born.

Most of our shows consisted of blazing way too much, arguing constantly, and clanging more than a bull in a kitchenwares shop.

Yeah we were shit. Real shit. Which I mainly blamed on the fact that we both learnt on a pair of fucked belt drive decks for years and the first time we had extended access to Technics 1210s was when we started on LUG.

I was 16 or 17 when I started on that station. We got boyed off quite a bit but we enjoyed it.

Anyway onto this week’s episode.

It’s 2002 (I think), I’m about 19 or 20, and my brother Pinky has just moved to Spain and it’s still legal to play 702 – You Don’t Know without being shot in 6 countries. This is probably the only audio I have of me live on 89.4fm on my own. It’s not the best mix, but it’s a piece of personal history to me.

There’s also a few suspect bang up Fruityloop jobs and some bait Cool-Edit-Bootlegging, but I’ll leave you to find them and chuckle.

Part 2 is still floating around somewhere which I may post in the future, but I think by that point it was about 1 in the morning when I finished the show, I was dead on my feet and at the bottom of my bag.

Anyway, these are my roots, so check ’em out.

Track List

U.S.L. – Step Up (Advanced Technology Dub)
Jameson – True
Harry – Sex Goes Round (Jameson Remix)
Unkle Cracker – Follow Me (Sunship Remix)
Nesha – Young, Sexy, Dangerous
Jessie’s Song – Tell Me
D-Lorenze Feat. MC Sydwinder – Moet In London
DEA Project – Latino
Sia – Judge me (Siksense Remix)
702 – You Don’t Know (Reservoir Dogs Remix)
Mr Brainz – Pinky and the Brain dub
Musical Mobb – Pulse x
Wookie – Down on me
Sticky – Triplets 2
DJ Zinc – Monkey (Shox)
DJ Bigga G – Mind, body, soul
Sticky feat Tubby T – Tales From The Hood (PA Mix)
Dom Perignon & Dynamite – Got Myself Together (DnD Remix)
Agent X – Decoy
Shut Up & Dance feat 2 Ton – Moving up
MJ Cole – Nextisms
DJ Zinc vs Brainz – 138 PnB
More fire Crew – Oi! (L’Stone Remix)
Groove Chronicles vs MJ vs BrainZ – Smooth in 99
Menta – Sounds of the future
Sirus – Way Back When (4×4 Mix)
DJ Narrows – Saved Soul

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