Sub.FM Radio Show – 19 Oct 2013

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So do I tell you my messed up Friday night? Fuck it. Why not.

After arguing with fake gypsy charity collectors and nearly getting bowled over by a savage pub fight that spilled everywhere I went to a super gay club. Like wow. Beyonce, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, the lot. I struck out and left at kick out time out of my box. Heading down Tottenham Court Road I’m engaged by 2 birds who saw where I came from. They were then surprised when I said I was straight because I was “so well groomed.” Supposedly I have eyelashes to be jealous of. Sthuper!

So, I blag the cabbie into going McDs to stuff my face, get home and my internet is dead. NO. SHIT. I actually thought I’d cancelled my show via my phone at 4am from the toilet. I wake up to notice that I was so fucked that I didn’t manage to do it. Great.

So I play with the power cord and get my cable modem going. I now have about 50 minutes to buy new music, download promos and set up for the show. No where NEAR enough time. Well, I frantically stumbled through and got to air in my hungover state to bring you this show.

If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is.



Track list

Deneath – Hope Less
EVM128 – Respect
Majestic & Jungle70 – Creeping In The Dark (Preditah remix)
TRC feat Natz – Come Bring It (El-B remix)
Elias Smith – Jeez
The Colonel – Lighter Crew
Sorrow – Farce Riddim
My Nu Leng – The Grid (Alias remix)
DJ Q – Oh Yeah (feat AC Slater)
A2C – Kick & Bass (VIP mix)
Bizt – You Bitch
Dan Stoneman – No1 (Snatch The Wax remix)
Friction – Long Gone Memory ft. Arlissa (My Nu Leng Remix)
Pledge – Alright (Original Mix)
Enyui – All We Were (original mix)
Frandisko – Do Me A Favour
Shifty – Votre Amour
ENiGMA Dubz – Near Me
SoulCircuit – You Give To Me
Skelecta – Dying
Origin x Mella Dee – Talkin Bout (Original Mix)
Jade & Deleelah – Bass (Pyper Remix)
Gilbino – Jack Spart (Last Tango Mix)
Hybrid Theory – The Dark
SPX – Rub A Dub (Original Mix)
Zinc – Rollin Neatly (Original)
Kazumi Anzai – Gauntlet
Conducta – All Night
AbrAx, Ochtone & Twisted Roots – Midnight Masquerade
Slamboree – Cheeky Peepers (Original Mix)
Ali Emm & Josh Moran – White Noise
Martin Green & Paul Lawrence – What I Wanna Do
Moony & Abigail Press – Rip Tide (original mix)
Steve Rhodes – Special Ride (NW5 mix)
Saffire D Soul – Soul Type (Pyper UKG Remix)
Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Solution’s got the Strategy Dub)
Prescribe Da Vibe (PDV) – Left Me Lonely
Rudimental – Baby (Hadean Remix)
J2C – Fogbank
Double 99 – RIP Groove (Klient Weight Refix)
Marc Baigent & Element Z – Should Of Known

Original Podcast Title: Playing UK Garage Frantically, Like A Hooker Locked In My Boot – Episode 120 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

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