2011 UK Garage mixed up on an iPad using DJay [VIDEO]

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Algoriddim DJayA friend of mine told me a while ago about Algoriddim‘s iPad App DJay. So I thought I’d take it for a run, UKG style.

Full track list, review, the videos and mix download allll after the jump

DJay is a decent app and you can pull off a semi professional mix on it. But in my opinion, it’s not completely ready for the centre stage just yet.


  • Decent mixing experience with responsive controls
  • Satisfactory mixer basics with crossfader, eq, gain, volume faders, pitch control and ability to “scratch” on faux vinyl
  • One main cue and 3 additional custom cues
  • 3 ways to loop, including Bounce Loops which loops playback but then resumes at the same
  • Access to your iPod music and playlists
  • Ability to record your mix and download it onto your computer
  • Using a splitter you can have 2 outputs, one for cueing and one for playback
  • BPM detection and 1-click syncing

What I don’t like:

  • Speed cannot be pitch-locked (a lá a CDJ or Serato) so pitch bending can go a bit wobbly
  • Even switching the pitch to “Fine Adjust” mode is still a bit temperamental
  • Can be laggy on iPad 1st Gen when loading songs
  • Split cue makes your output in mono. Not much they can do about that though, but the bad thing is…
  • When split cue is turned on, the mix is only recorded in Mono. This upset me.
  • You can’t set BPM brackets to aide the BPM detection which is generally accurate, but not perfect
  • Not universal, you have to by the iPhone and the iPad versions separately, and the iPad version is bloody expensive!

I know some of my cons are big asks, but the mono outputted mix was the biggest thing that bothered me. Anyway, I clanged my way through just under an hour of cheese tuna.

I attempted to film the whole mix, but unfortunately the camera run out of juice after 20 minutes or so. still, I’ve thrown 30 minutes up on YouTube and the full MP3 to download here.

Check it out. Hope it’s either educational or party-worthy.

Download the full mix here: DJ BrainZ iPad Mixup 06/11

Track list:

Kelly King – Middle Of The Night (Gomi & Bjorn Remix)
Mark Hill vs Kal Lavelle – Could Just Be The Bassline
Phonetix ft Harsh – Why
The Wideboys – Shopaholic (Future Garage Mix) [feat. Sway & McLean] DEVolution – Good Love (Anthems Not Bangers Remix)
GTE feat Scott Maurice – Mind Over Matter (Control-S ‘got To Believe’ Remix)
Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me (Danny Dubbz Remix)
Donaeo – Swagger (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Club Asylum v Sirens – Good Enough – Vocal Mix
Anything But Monday – Crush (Bee Q & Unique remix feat MC Kie)
Six D – Best Damn Night (Sunship Remix)
Paul E Paul – Less Talk
Dreadsquad & Lady Chann – Island Lovin (CJ Reign UK garage remix)
8th Note – I’m Hurting (Para Remix)
Luke Bingham – Nothing To Lose – (Sunship Dub)
Mike Posner – Bow Chicka Wow Wow (Phonetix 2-Step Mix)
Frenzy – Making Love
Rosie Greenwood – Too Lost For Words (MileZ remix)
Mark Hill – Survive (Remix)
Charli Xcx – Jungle (Phaeleh remix)
Thr33 Wize Men Feat. Soul Nana & MC Versatile – Warrior
Chase and Status Ft Delilah – Time (Pledge Remix)
Alex Gaudino – What A Feeling (Sunship Remix)

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  • lee butcher

    where can i download luke bingham sunship remix nothing to lose,can’t find it anywhere????

    • Mr Brainz

      I got promo’d it mate. Was supposed to come out in August on 3 Beat. Don’t think it has yet.

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