Sub.FM Radio Show – 01 Jan 2011

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Happy new year!

It was about 3am on New Years Day when I was mixing it up with 2 pals in a bit of a state and it came to me: Tomorrow I’m doing a crate digging show.

Hopefully my neighbours didn’t mind the racket up till 4 in the morning with some old school sounds. Was definitely worse for wear in this show so apologies for the clangtastic action in some places.

This was also the first time I’ve done a pure vinyl radio show for bloody years. Even though there was some proper shoddy mixes and strange tune choices at times I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here’s to a blindin’ 2011. All the best for the coming year.


Track List

DJ Zinc – Shox (Monkey)
Pink – You Make Me Sick (EL-B Dub Mix)
Angel 21 feat Rose Windross – This Is My House
Zed Bias feat bare MCs – Battle Of The MCs
Two One Two – The Fone Tune
Mr Shabz – Another One
Gangster FM – The Godfather
Some Treat – Still Lost In Vegas (Ronnie Koolkutz Bad Bass Mix)
Brotherz In Law – U.N.D.E.R.G.R.O.U.N.D. (Alternative Mix)
Shut Up And Dance feat 2 Tone – Moving Up
Vincent J Alvis – Body Killin’ (Insidaz Remix)
Artful Dodger – What You Gonna Do (Templeton Peck Remix)
Sirus – Way Back When (4×4 Mix)
Cameo & J Sweet – Hi Grade (4×4 Mix)
DJ Oxide – Foot To The Floor
Agent X – Killahertz
The Graveyard Crew – Graveyard Shift
Dreem Team vs Artful Dodger – It Ain’t Enough (Sticky Dub Mix)
White Label – Wassup
Mr Data vs 10 Below – Lost In Space
Reservoir Dogs – Death Moves
Bump n Flex – Promises (Dubaholics Remix)
DJ Lewi – Blue Funk
Platinum 45 – Deleted Scenes
DJ Kevin Real Deal – Fixation (Vocal Mix)
White Label – Modjo – Lady (Remix)
DJ Narrows – Want It Back
Maddslinky & J.T. – The Fog
So Solid & Ms Dynamite – Envy
Rubberneck – Keep On Giving Love (Bump & Flex Black Soul Dub)
DJ Zinc – Hello
Sia – Little Mix (Exemen Remix)
James’y – Dance To Get Ready
White Label – A Test
DJ Lewi – Hold Me Tight (Pitch Black Mix)
DJ Hype – Pussyclart
DJ Zinc – Hold On
Sonrisa – Grooving Me
Bogeyman – Smelly
Sovereign – The International
US Alliance – All I Know (Da Grunge Mix)
Wookie – What’s Going On
Too Wyze feat MC RB – Slip n Slide
MC B Live + Valerie M – 11:59

Original Podcast Title: Happy New Year! Let’s go crate digging – Episode 32 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ Brainz

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