The Brainz Hot Ten – 22 Mar 2015

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The Brainz Hot Ten is where I highlight 10 lively tracks that I’ve been feeling over the past week or so. The aim is to help you discover brand new music.

  1. Urbani – All Night
  2. Badjokes – If (original mix)
  3. Killjoy – Gyalist Riddim (Asa & Sorrow remix)
  4. Matta – Jump
  5. Kazumi Anzai – Dream Chaser [Forthcoming]
  6. Prizma – Clash Concept (Corporal F remix)
  7. Bassboy – Press Start
  8. Dr Cryptic – Ph Derkhead [Forthcoming]
  9. Sly One – Fluctate
  10. Jaimeson ft. Angel Blu – True (Phonetix 2015 Remix) [Forthcoming]
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  • kafulojo


  • kafulojo

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